Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rare Beatles Songs: Hold On, I'm Coming

You'd think that Lennon would have had enough of silly love songs by 1966, a time when he was writing groundbreaking material for the Beatles, but a look through his demos of the period and you'd see that it wasn't so. On a tape that also features acoustic demos of "She Said She Said" recorded at his home in Kenwood, John runs through "Hold On, I'm Coming," a love song in the form that fits in more closely with the material he had been writing in 1963-64. Needless to say, the song never made it beyond the demo stage, but it's interesting to note that Lennon did something similar four years later, abandoning generic love songs in favor of more personal compositions (in that case the plaintive "When a Boy Meets a Girl").


Anonymous said...

Song is recorded 1967 at Home

finds on the Boot-John Lennon - The Lost Home Tapes 1965-1969

zappaf78 said...

And if you listen closely, part of the guitar chords from this unreleased song would be used in the beginning part of "A Day In The Life"