Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pattie Boyd's "Letter from London"


I am writing this with all your letters spread out around me on the floor--and there are hundreds of them! I have just gone through an enormous batch, and I have selected several to answer here in 16 for you.

To Diane Logan of Riverside, Calif. (whose letter is a non-stop chain of questions!): Thanks a lot for all the nice things you say about my face and figure. I started modeling the same way a lot of girls start--because a photographer told me I would be good at it. I model teenage clothes because I am best suited to them. I am five feet six inches tall, measure 34-28-34, and my favorite color at the moment is a shade that is somewhere between ginger and cinnamon. I got picked to play in A Hard Day's Night when my agent sent me to the audition. It was pure luck. Yes, I do get freckles, but only if I go into the hot sun. Jane Asher has little golden ones. She is a natural redhead.

A special thanks to Sia Liss and Sandra Lawrance who write from New York City. Sia is a pretty name. What is it short for? No, I can't buy 16 on the newsstand in London. Worse luck, but Gloria Stavers send it to me by air. She also sends it to the Stones, the Beatles and the other boys. Fancy you meeting Mike McGear in Athens, Sia. Weren't you thrilled? He's very proud of his brother, natch, but he won't trade on Paul's name, so he calls himself McGear (from the Liverpool expression, gear).

'Scuse me if I'm a bit late in saying this to Shelly Heber of Los Angeles, but I hope you majored in Psychology. You sounded kind of worried in your letter. I am sure things turned out all right, because people who do nice things for others (like reading to the blind and tutoring underprivileged children) always seem to be rewarded in the end. Glad you met and liked Tommy Quickly when he was out there. I loved your poem about George--except for that line about him having a "frowning mouth." Not so, I sez!

Lots of questions from Sherry Ice of Parma, Ohio, who hates her real name, Cheryl. I like it, but I think Sherry is cuter. Well, now, I certainly dig high boots, but I also like the new shoes with those "stumpy" heels. Girls don't wear boots so much over here anymore. I have five brothers and sisters. Colin is 18, Jenny is 16, Paula is 14, David is ten and Robert is eight. I don't wear jewelry as a rule and I wear very pale lipstick. I like simple clothes and smock dresses.

Marsha Hughes of Scott City, Mo., asks what chips are. They are the same as your French fries, but are just a little bit longer. In every city here you find a fish 'n' chip shop serving suppers late at night. They give you a bit of hot fish that has been dried in batter and a handful of chips, all wrapped up in a piece of newspaper. You throw a dash of vinegar on this, add some salt and eat with your fingers. It's absolutely FAB! Marsha also asks how to make English tea. First, wash the pot (it should not be metal) with hot water to heat it. Put in a spoonful of loose tea for each person and one for the pot (very important, this). When the water in the kettle boils, take the tea pot to the kettle (not the kettle to the tea pot). Pour the proper number of cups (approximately) that you are making into the pot and let the pot stand for two minutes. We drink our tea with milk and sugar (it is dee-lish!), and the milk should be put into your cup before the tea is poured.

I am rather intrigued by a letter I got from Karen French of Queens Village, N.Y. She says she is writing a story about four girls who go out with the Beatles and will I give her some ideas as to what we do when we have an evening out and date a Beatle. Well, Karen, the first thing the Beatles do before they even think of leaving home for an evening out is make sure that the place they plan to visit is quiet and discreet. It has to be somewhere where they can eat and enjoy themselves without being disturbed in any way. Most of all, they prefer entertaining at home. If you visited them, you'd find that they love listening to records and eating home-cooked food.

Another word or two before I have to go. We were all surprised by Ringo's marriage, but are delighted for him and Maureen. The Stones recently returned from Australia and Mick was the first to get off the plane. I heard he looked sensaysh! All tanned, healthy and handsome. Oh, dear, what about that "Rolling Stone image"? The boys are off to Sweden, then Denmark, and then they'll be with you in America.

P.S. Sorry I said Paul sings Rock and Roll Music! John does--and I gave the wrong info to GeeGee. Forgive.

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