Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pattie Boyd's "Letter from London"


It's super to be writing my first column for
16--my first column for ANY magazine, come to that! I'd best start by telling you something about myself. My full name is Patricia Anne Boyd. I am 20 and was born on a farm in Somerset, which is one of the prettiest counties in the west of England. I don't remember anything about our farm except playing with the animals. When I was three, the family moved to Nairobi, in East Africa. Six years later we returned.

We're a big family, we Boyds. I'm the eldest. After me comes Colin (18), Jenny (16), Paula (14), David (10) and Robert (8). With all those older sisters, Robert has been hopelessly spoiled! We all look like one another, but Jenny and I favor most. She is still in school, but hopes to be a fashion writer one day. Paula has started training for an acting career and has already done little bits on TV.

I left home about 18 months ago to live on my own and model in London. Touch wood, I've been busy ever since -- mainly working for fashion magazines. I share a mews (that is a little private street off a main street) cottage with a girl friend called Mary Bee. We used to go to the same boarding school, then we teamed up again to share our first flat in Chelsea. That was a horrid place with a pokey kitchen, and we seemed to live on hot dogs most of the time.

Our present Ovington Mews cottage is absolutely super. We have two floors with a living room, dining room, huge kitchen and two bedrooms--and we have a little black kitten named "Wee-Wee." Mary and I are very much alike. I am five feet six inches tall and we have about the same measurements, which means we can borrow each other's clothes--and that comes in handy. We both love cooking, and when we have special guests for dinner--like a couple of Beatles!--we join forces over the meal. My specialty is veal scallopine and Mary makes marvelous apple-crumb cake.

When we go out of an evening we usually head for one of the new clubs which have opened to cater to the smart young set in London. Our two favorite clubs are the Crazy E (stands for Elephant) and the Ad Lib. They're both small and cozy, the lighting is dim and the music is DEAFENING--which is how we like it. Once in a while some poor mistaken middle-aged couple wanders in dressed to the nines. They blink like they don't know what hit them! As I say, our clubs are strictly for the young. What's so nice about these clubs is that no one stares at you or wants an autograph, so quite naturally the Beatles often go there. On a busy evening you are liable to bump into Ringo, George, John and Paul. Brian Jones of the Stones is a regular customer, as are the Animals. When I date George, it is usually in a foursome.

Fashions are free and easy in London. Trouser suits are very
in, as are "Granny" dresses like the one I'm wearing in the picture with the Stones. As for fads in words, "super" is replacing "fab" and "grotty" (from grotesque) is for something--well UGGHH! I'm afraid "gear is going out, too. We mostly say the whole word -- fabulous -- for something that is extra "super." Get it?

My fave American singers are the Supremes, Impressions, Exciters and Dionne Warwick. I think the Animals are the most promising newcomers. More, next letter. Cheerio!

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