Monday, March 01, 2010

Mary Hopkin on Getting Signed to Apple Records

"I was on a television show called Opportunity Knocks when I was eighteen. It was sort of a national talent contest. After the first appearance, I was contacted by Peter Brown of Apple Records. At the time I had never heard of Apple. The only thing I'd heard of was the Apple shop in London. After the call, I didn't think much of it, but Peter rang back again and I found out that it was Paul McCartney who wanted me to come to London. I was totally shocked. Anyway, I went up to London and Paul asked if I was interested in signing with Apple. He showed me 'Those Were the Days,' which was a song he'd had around for a few years. He had played it to various people, but hadn't found anyone to record it. So he thought I was suitable. About two months later we recorded and released it, and it all happened from there."

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