Sunday, December 20, 2009

George Harrison's Thoughts on God

"We've all got the same goal whether we realise it or not. We're all striving for something which is called God. For a reunion, complete. Everybody has realised at some time or other that no matter how happy they are, there's still always the unhappiness that comes with it.

"Everyone is a potential Jesus Christ, really. We are all trying to get to where Jesus Christ got. And we're going to be on this world until we get there. We're all different people and we are all doing different things in life, but that doesn't matter because the whole point of life is to harmonise with everything, every aspect in creation. That means down to not killing the flies, eating the meat, killing people or chopping the trees down.

". . . Everybody is potentially divine. It's just a matter of self-realisation before it will all happen. The hippies are a good idea--love, flowers and that is great--but when you see the other half of it, it's like anything. I love all these people too, those who are honest and trying to find a bit of truth and to straighten out the untruths. I'm with them one hundred percent but when I see the bad side of it, I'm not so happy."

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