Saturday, November 28, 2009

Treasures of the Beatles

by Terry Burrows

“The impact of the Beatles - not only on rock & roll but on all of Western culture - is simply incalculable.” – Rolling Stone magazine

You know they caused a revolution! The Beatles transformed the face of music, youth, and popular culture. Here is their story, from the backstreets of Liverpool to the rough clubs of Hamburg to worldwide pandemonium. Featuring 15 pieces of unique, removable facsimile memorabilia, beautiful photographs, and superb commentary, Treasures of the Beatles captures the thrill of it all: sold-out concerts at Shea, half of America’s population tuning in to see them on The Ed Sullivan Show, 400 million TV viewers watching them record “All You Need Is Love.” A treat for Beatles fanatics and ordinary music lovers alike. Facsimile memorabilia includes:
- 1960 contract for their Hamburg gigs
- Signed flyer for Parlophone records, 1963
- Handwritten set list, 1963
- Concert poster for The Beatles and Roy Obison, 1963
- Poster from New Zealand Tour, 1964
- signed postcard from set of Help!, 1965
- Invitation to Magical Mystery Tour party, 1967
- and more!

Terry Burrows is a musician of experimental pop music responsible for roughly 30 commercial releases under such guises as Yukio Yung and the Chrysanthemums. His is also a prolific author and contributor to books and CD-ROMS on subjects as diverse as popular psychology, business and management, history, computer software, and music. Previous publications include the KISS Guide to Playing the Guitar, which sold over 100,000 copies, The Complete Illustrated Story of the Beatles, and a Courtney Love biography, to name a few.

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