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The Beatles - The Road to Fame

Label: Star Club Records, HADCD241
Year: 1994

1. My Bonnie (2:41) (German intro)
2. My Bonnie (2:41) (English intro)
3. When The Saints Go Marching In (3:18)
4. Why (2:58)
5. Cry For A Shadow (2:23)
6. If You Love Me Baby (2:53)
7. Sweet Georgia Brown (2:04) (overdubbed changed lyrics)
8. Sweet Georgia Brown (2:00) (original version)
9. Nobody's Child (3:54)
10. Ain't She Sweet (2:11)
11. Like Dreamers Do (2:34)
12. Money (2:22)
13. Till There Was You (2:58)
14. The Sheik Of Araby (1:40)
15. To Know Her Is To Love Her (2:34)
16. Take Good Care Of My Baby (2:26)
17. Memphis, Tennessee (2:20)
18. Sure To Fall (2:01)
19. Hello Little Girl (1:38)
20. Three Cool Cats (2:23)
21. Crying, Waiting, Hoping (2:00)
22. Love Of The Loved (1:50)
23. September In The Rain (1:53)
24. Besame Mucho (2:38)
25. Searchin'(3:02)

THE ROAD TO FAME 1961-1962

On the Beatles first trip to Hamburg in 1960, as John, Paul, George, Pete Best and Stuart Sutcliffe, they jammed with Tony Sheridan at the Top Ten. The following year they found themselves backing him professionally, although Sutcliffe attended the sessions he did not actually participate. Whilst working with Sheridan at the Top Ten they were seen by Bert Kaempfert, Polydor's producer. Immediately aware of their potential he subsequently signed them for a one year contract for the princely fee of around 300 DMarks each and on 22/23 June 1961 they recorded their songs in an infant's school hall (the Friedrich Ebert Halle) in Hamburg. The four Beatles and Tony Sheridan taped these songs together, "My Bonnie"; "When The Saints Go Marching In"; "Why"; "Nobody's Child"; "Take Some Out Insurance On Me Baby" and "Sweet Georgia Brown". But Kaempfert gave the Beatles the chance fo record two tracks on their own. "Ain't She Sweet" and "Cry For A Shadow", although it was "My Bonnie" and "The Saints" that were subsequently released in Germany in August 1961.

Whilst "Love Me Do" is generally considered to be the groups debut, in fact "My Bonnie" is chronologically months ahead. Arguably it is the most pivotal recording the group ever made. Different versions of "My Bonnie" have been released, over the years, but the two versions on this CD include the original intro's in both English and German by Tony Sheridan, omitted in later versions. In versions officially released of "Sweet Georgia Brown" new guitar and drum parts were added to the record in an attempt to make the original sound more like the Beatles of "I Want To Hold Your Hand" fame. The original version without overdubs is rarely heard but is included here. A similar fate occurred with "Take Out Some Insurance On Me Baby", with the added complication that Sheridan's vocal of the evil swear-word "goddamned" was removed. "Ain't She Sweet" underwent the same process before it was released in July 1964. The flipside of that single "Nobody's Child", although it wasn't overdubbed, they chopped it down from almost four minutes to three. Here on this CD you have all the tracks as they were originally recorded by the Beatles without, any of the overdubs or other alterations.

Epstein became the Band's manager in 1961 and did his best to persuade, cajole and generally twist the arm of Decca's A & R chief, Dick Rowe, to sign his boys. On I January 1962, some four days before the English release of "My Bonnie", the Beatles auditioned for Decca, their first for a major U.K. record label. As history records they were turned down. These auditions however are included in this CD for you to make your own judgments and for the first time reproduced at TRUE SPEED.

Hear for yourself in the best quality real sound and true reproduction the Beatles as they really were. Judge for yourself, the impact that this new Band was going to have in the 60's and the musical history they were about to embark upon.

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