Monday, May 18, 2009

Beatle People: Nigel Whalley

Nigel Whalley (born Christopher Nigel Whalley, 30 June 1941, in Vale Road, Woolton, Liverpool, Lancashire) was originally the tea-chest bass player of The Quarrymen, afterwards he became manager of the band until 1958.

Early life

Whalley lived in Vale Road, close to John Lennon. The two were friends from the age of five.

Role in the Quarrymen

Lennon set up the Quarrymen in spring 1957. Whalley was originally one of the tea-chest bass players in the band, the other being Ivan Vaughan.

One night two Teddy Boys threatened to beat up the band and the Quarrymen fled, with Whalley leaving his tea-chest bass behind on the road.

After this event, Whalley became manager of the band, and Len Garry took over on tea-chest bass

Whalley also became an apprentice golf pro at this time, and he eventually become a golf pro at Wrotham Heath Golf Club in Borough Green, Kent, until he contracted TB sometime in 1958.

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