Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beatle People: Chas Newby

Charles "Chas" Newby (born 18 June 1941, in Liverpool) was temporarily the bassist for The Beatles in December 1960, following the departure of Stuart Sutcliffe. When The Beatles returned from Germany for the first time, they were short a bass guitarist. Pete Best suggested Chas Newby. Chas had been with The Blackjacks (Pete Best's group), and was now attending college, but was on vacation and so agreed to play with The Beatles. He appeared with them for three engagements in December 1960. John Lennon asked him to go to Germany, for the Beatles' second trip, but he chose to return to college.

Chas later continued his studies and became a teacher of Mathematics at Droitwich High School in Worcestershire.


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