Friday, February 06, 2009

November 16, 1963 - The Jack Paar Program

Taped: Saturday 16 November 1963
Aired: Friday 3 January 1964

As part of the Beatles' autumn tour, they played Winter Gardens in Bournemouth. The three rival American television networks - NBC, CBS and ABC - were permitted to film the hysterical audience and part of the show. Paul and John were interviewed by John Darsa for the CBS coverage. Life magazine photographer Terence Spencer with his assistant also arrived at their hotel, the Branksome Towers, outside Bournemouth and was quickly accepted into the inner circle. Brian Epstein was particularly keen on the publicity that a large spread in Life would produce. However, The Beatles did not turn up for the shoot that would have given them the January 31, 1964 cover, which went to Geraldine Chaplin instead. Terence Spencer: "The Beatles must be the only people in showbiz ever to have turned down a Life cover."

November 16, 1963 - CBS Evening News
Taped: Saturday 16 November 1963
Aired: Thursday 21 November 1963


Norm Gregory said...

Walter Cronkite says the first American TV appearance of the Beatles was the morning of November 22, 1963.

Anonymous said...

CBS did show the Beatles in November, 1963. Jack Paar didn't show the clips until January, 1964.