Tuesday, February 24, 2009

August 27-30, 1963 - The Mersey Sound

Taped: Wednesday 27-30 August 1963
Aired: Wednesday 9 October 1963

On August 27, The Beatles were filmed playing 'Twist And Shout' and 'She Loves You' on stage, but with no audience, at The Little Theatre in Southport as part of the BBC TV Manchester documentary being made by Don Haworth. After a change of clothes to suggest a different occasion, they played 'Love Me Do'. Audience shots were then dubbed in from the previous night's concert. In the end their commercial recordings of these songs were used in the "documentary", which finished up about as close to reality as their movie A Hard Day's Night.

The next day, The Beatles were interviewed at the BBC's Manchester studios and also filmed as if backstage making up before a concert, and waiting in the wings with their instruments, all for Haworth's The Mersey Sound documentary.

On August 29, The Beatles acted an airport arrival for the "documentary" and also took a Mersey ferry between the Pier Head and Wallasey, signing autographs and meeting fans.

On August 30, Ringo was filmed pushing his way through extras outside his childhood home at 10 Admiral Grove in the Dingle for Don Haworth's film.

Don Haworth's BBC television "documentary," The Mersey Sound, was broadcast on October 9, 1963 to great acclaim.

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