Sunday, December 07, 2008

June 20, 1965 - Les Beatles

Taped: Sunday 20 June 1965 (evening)
Aired: Sunday 31 October 1965

The Beatles' European Tour opened in Paris. The venture began controversially, when the authorities at London Airport turned away Beatles fans who were arriving to wave the group goodbye, claiming that The Beatles themselves had asked them not to attend. This was angrily denied by both the group and manager Brian Epstein.

The Beatles arrived at Paris-Orly at 10am and checked in to the George Cinq. Their reception was quiet by Beatles standards with only about 50 fans waiting outside their hotel. This pattern was repeated throughout the tour, as the group regularly played to less than capacity audiences.

In Paris, they played two concerts to 6,000 people each at the Palais des Sports, topping a bill which also featured The Yardbirds. The second show was broadcast on both French radio and television.

Afterwards Franchise Hardy visited them at the George Cinq. The night was spent at Castell's nightclub, where they stayed until dawn. The Beatles' set during the European tour consisted of: 'Twist And Shout', 'She's A Woman', 'I'm A Loser', 'Can't Buy Me Love', 'Baby's In Black', 'I Wanna Be Your Man', 'A Hard Day's Night', 'Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby', 'Rock And Roll Music', 'I Feel Fine', 'Ticket To Ride' and 'Long Tall Sally'.

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