Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Beatles: Press Reports, 1961-1970

by W. Fraser Sandercombe

This collection of historical media pieces and interviews chronicles the lives and careers of the Beatles as seen through the lens of popular British music publications—such as Disc and Music Echo, Melody Maker, Mersey Beat, and the Record Mirror—from 1961–1970, when they received more media attention than any other rock band in history. As this era of the Beatles’ past is explored year by year, the importance of the band’s first shows in Liverpool and the subsequent attention it drew to other “Merseyside” bands (those from Mersey County, Northwest England) becomes clear. Information on the Beatles’ first trip to America and the controversies surrounding their break-up are also included in this nostalgic trip down memory lane to the time when musicians from Liverpool began making music history.

W. Fraser Sandercombe is the author of Nothing Gold Can Stay. He is also a musician, an artist and illustrator, and a book dealer specializing in first editions. He lives in Burlington, Ontario.

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