Monday, September 29, 2008

Skywriting by Word of Mouth and other writings, including The Ballad of John and Yoko

by John Lennon

"Candid and scathing. . . . A reflection of its author's creativity and enduring appeal."

"Skywriting is a thrill. . . . Lennon at his best."
--San Jose Mercury News

John Lennon wrote Skywriting by Word of Mouth, an impressive collection of writings and drawings, during Yoko's pregnancy with Sean, and always planned to have it published. It was a wish that seemed to end with his assassination in 1980 and the theft of the book from the Lennons' home in 1982. When it was recovered and first published in 1986, Skywriting received immediate critical and popular acclaim. Filled with Lennon's extraordinary creative powers and lavishly illustrated with his own drawings, the collection reveals his fertile creative spirit up close and in full force. Included in Skywriting is "Two Virgins," written when the public learned that John and Yoko were living together as husband and wife, and John's only autobiography. In addition there are notes on his falling in love with Yoko, the breakup of the Beatles, his persecution by U.S. authorities, and his withdrawal from public life. This is a book with John Lennon's spirit on every page--a spirit the world needs to remember.

"It's no wonder Lennon's fans grow more in love with him as time goes by. . . . His great influence on popular music makes him impossible to forget. So does this book."
--Houston Chronicle

"Marvelous, delightful reading, and for Lennon fans a must."
--Publishers Weekly

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