Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lennon Revealed

by Larry Kane
Author of Ticket To Ride

Exclusive new interviews with Yoko Ono and more than 100 friends and family

DVD Exclusive: Final interview with Lennon and McCartney

"He didn't want people to just adore him. He wanted people to know what he is made of."
--Yoko Ono

John Lennon. The name resonates still, 25 years after his murder on December 8, 1980. Much has been written about the man who started the Beatles, but little has been revealed to answer the questions:

Who was John Lennon? What was he really made of?

A musical genius filled with self-doubt. A dedicated husband and insatiable philanderer. An acerbic wit and soft-hearted teddy bear. House father, peace warrior, and comeback kid. No artistic genius was more complex, and none more misunderstood.

Looking for rumor, innuendo, and sensational fantasy? Plenty of works will take you across the bridge from truth to tabloid, but not here. In Lennon Revealed, Emmy Award-winning journalist Larry Kane--who had a professional relationship with Lennon that spanned fifteen years--draws from personal experience and over 100 interviews with John's friends, family, and associates to craft a portrait of Lennon that truly captures the man's essence.

Longstanding myths are imploded and new truths revealed concerning the major events and themes that defined Lennon's life--his loves, musical genius, the Beatles years, New York City living, peace activism, vices and other desires, the triumph of his spirit, and his ultimate demise.

Did John Lennon have a sexual relationship with Beatles manager Brian Epstein? What was John's involvement in the death of his friend and muse, "fifth Beatle" Stuart Sutcliffe? Why and how did John's relationship with young assistant May Pang begin and evolve?

More than a list of stunning revelations, Lennon Revealed weaves together insights and recollections from those who knew Lennon best to create a picture of the artist as a man, with all his faults, strengths, desires, and demons intact.

Larry Kane's Emmy Award-winning career spans more than 45 years, including anchor positions at all three of Philadelphia's network-TV affiliates and the ABC network in NYC. But the thing that stands out most--and the thing people ask about most often--is his adventure as the only American journalist to travel in the official Beatles entourage during the legendary 1964 and '65 tours of North America. Kane told that story to great critical and commercial acclaim in Ticket to Ride. Now he digs deeper to tell the real story of John Lennon.

Larry Kane lives outside Philadelphia with his wife.

"A fascinating look deep inside the heart and soul of a man whose promotion of love and peace reverberates even stronger today. Lennon Revealed is a great read with many surprises revealed through Kane's exhaustive research and interviews. A must-own for Lennon and Beatle fans."
--Joe Johnson, host of the nationally syndicated Beatle Brunch Radio Show

"Kane guides the reader through revelations large and small, old and new, drawing on his solid journalistic experience to set records straight without imposing his view on the reader. Lennon Revealed makes us love and admire John for all his imperfections--quite an achievement."
--Pauline Sutcliffe, sister of original Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe

"An entertaining, informative and compelling look at a rock & roll icon. Larry was there from the beginning, and he explores this complex man's life with humor and honesty. Plus, it's refreshing to read a book on the life of John Lennon that doesn't trash Yoko Ono, as has been customary with recent biographies. Larry tells the story, and Beatles and John Lennon fans will be riveted. And just WAIT till you see the exclusive 1968 interview with John and Paul on the DVD!"
--Andre Gardner, host of Breakfast with the Beatles, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Jose

"Drumming with the rhythm and authenticity of insider insight, this book will become the state-of-the-art work on John Lennon 'the man'. Written as if by a heartfelt, yet truthful friend, it chronicles a life overflowing equally with accomplishment, regret, hope, and love. You will want to call Larry to express gratitude for his writing it."
--Scott Regan, radio legend

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