Sunday, June 22, 2008

Epoch Moments and Secrets: John Lennon and the Beatles at the Mirror of Man's Destiny

by Richard Warren Lipack


While all the other BEATLES books TALK about the parties, TALK about the drugs and TALK about life backstage and on the road, Richard Warren Lipack's THE LAST CONCERTS, the first installment in THE BEATLES' TRILOGY - SHOWS IT - with no holds barred!

EPOCH MOMENTS AND SECRETS is drawn from the single most important extant photograph collection on the Beatles in the world. Many of the incredible photographs in this book are reproduced for the first time ever. There are well over 150 photos alone -- all BEHIND-THE-SCENES -- of THE BEATLES during the last days of their live performing career -- up to the moment that they retired from the concert stage, in August of 1966.

The Trilogy work makes the reader witness to the odyssey of a major pivotal event in history as it actually unfolds. This is done through the painstaking state-of-the-art digitally enhanced reproduction of action photographs arranged in sequential order according to the sequence of the negative film frames -- all as they had been clicked-off by the roving camera -- over the tour period. The methods employed to reproduce these images include the rare and lost art of maintaining the halftone dot in the shadow area comprised within the black and white photographs found in EPOCH MOMENTS AND SECRETS. As well, a special Quadtone Process is used to make black and white images into those of striking colors and hues.

The text to THE LAST CONCERTS segment has been researched and executed over a span of nineteen years. And with this, no stone has been left unturned. Here for the first time, the reader and devotee of THE BEATLES can begin to understand their effect on modern society.

Richard Warren Lipack has been producing and gathering definitive documentation on the band THE BEATLES since 1969. Born in 1954, at the age of 23, author Lipack by happenstance stumbled upon the genesis to what has become EPOCH MOMENTS AND SECRETS, and the beginning of THE BEATLES TRILOGY.

In April of 1978, the author began working with the estate of the late Beatles' manager -- Brian Epstein. In September of 1979, the Epsteins arranged for the author to be flown to England, where he stayed with the family in Liverpool. The topic of an extensive book publishing project was discussed, with prime intentions of drawing upon the author's exhaustive document and photograph collection.

Richard Warren Lipack is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts, New York City. He currently makes his home in Atlanta. The author is a photographer, writer and international historical document, art and antiques dealer -- with this latter interest embodying a specialty in the realm of technological artifacts and photographic art.

EPOCH MOMENTS AND SECRETS - JOHN LENNON AND THE BEATLES AT THE MIRROR OF MAN'S DESTINY, with the help of the author, will take you on a journey THEN [The Sixties], NOW, and into the TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY.

THE BEATLES have affected mankind. The total Trilogy work will expose the real story - the life and times [THEN and NOW] of THE BEATLES' legacy, and of their history - and how this is all woven into the fabric of what is being reported by media, newsgroups, government, universities, internet and discussed by world citizens.

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