Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Taste Of Honey

AUTHORSHIP Ric Marlow (.5) and Bobby Scott (.5) for the play A Taste of Honey (1960). The Long and Winding Road: An Intimate Guide to the Beatles

February 11, 1963, at Abbey Road

McCARTNEY: bass, lead vocal (double-tracked)
LENNON: rhythm guitar, harmony vocal
HARRISON: lead guitar, harmony vocal
STARR: drums

This song was part of the Beatles' repertoire for concerts in 1962 and 1963. The Complete Beatles Chronicle
The original recording artist was Bobby Scott and Combo, whose 1960 version appeared on the soundtrack album of the movie of the same name. The Beatles Book of Lists
Other versions were also recorded before the Beatles': the Victor Feldman Quartet (released June 4, 1962) and Martin Denny (June 18, 1962) versions were instrumentals. Lenny Welch released the first vocal version September 17, 1962. The Long and Winding Road: An Intimate Guide to the Beatles

The first meeting between Brian Epstein and The Beatles takes place in The Cavern Club, in Mathew Street, November 9, 1961

ALISTAIR TAYLOR: "Brian and I looked out of place in white shirts and dark business suits. The Beatles were playing 'A Taste Of Honey' and 'Twist And Shout'. We were particularly impressed that they included original songs." The Beatles Off the Record: Outrageous Opinions & Unrehearsed Interviews

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