Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Liverpool The 5th Beatle: An African-American Odyssey

by P. Willis-Pitts

A unique and frank first hand account of the Beatles in early Liverpool & the major contribution made by African Americans to the British music scene

Over 250 rare photographs

Black meets White in a City all Shades of Gray

"A wonderfully researched latent masterpiece. You manage to shed new light on what is fast becoming more myth than reality."
Paul Balmer, Documentary Film maker
Music On Earth Productions, London

Liverpool The 5th Beatle is a perspective on the rise of the Liverpool Mersey Sound by someone who drank in the same pubs, and played in the same clubs as the Beatles. Mr Pitts delves much deeper than the average rock journalist to present an amazingly original comparison of Liverpool with Black America of the 50's and 60's giving us an insight into how the social and musical conditions in our African-American community found a direct heart beat amongst the Liverpool youth who were singularly responsible for the rise of the Mersey Sound and the incredible success of the Beatles. Not only is his book inspiring to minority groups throughout America but this novel insight into the Beatles and the ghetto conditions in which the Mersey Sound began has stirred avid interest in all age groups who are quite mesmerized by the truth behind the Beatles' legend.

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