Sunday, August 03, 2008

Beatle News

Beatle Holidays

Paul and Ringo returned looking very brown; John came back with twice the energy and George reckons St. Louis is almost as good as Liverpool.

Comments from the boys:

Paul: "The Greeks thought our clothes were real mad!!! They used to look at us in amazement wherever we went. Ringo and I went to a Wine Festival. They gave us a decanter each and then told us to go ahead and try ALL the 200 different wines they had and then fill it up with the one we liked best. I reckon we'd have been well away by number 34 if we'd done as they said!"

Ringo: "I did a lot of swimming during the day while Paul had a bash at the water skiing. During the evenings we used to join in with the local Greek group called the Trio Athenia. 'Course they didn't play pop stuff--not until we turned up at any rate. Now they'll have a go at half our Top Ten."

George: "I thought America was really great. I met Tony Newley over there. He'd never heard any of our numbers so I played him some of our recordings. When I left he said he wanted to record 'I Saw Her Standing There.'"

John: "Paris is a really fab place. I just wandered around and tried to see everything. At night it's fantastic. The whole city becomes one big night club."

But they all said: "It's great to be back again."

Film Being Considered

Brian Epstein has found a film script which might be suitable for the boys. But they've no intention of rushing into anything.

"We'll wait for just as long as it takes to find just what we want," he says.

Fan Club Tops 20,000

Britain's fastest growing community -- Beatletown -- now numbers over 20,000 citizens. And between 750 and 1,000 new Beatle People move in every week. Fan club secretaries are having a bit of a job answering the thousands of enquiries, but they promise that patience will always be rewarded.

New Guitar for George

George decided to join John's exclusive club and buy a Rickenbacker guitar while he was in America. It was stolen from their van outside the theatre in Glasgow, but, luckily the Police were watching and it was recovered immediately.

Strange Coincidence

(Extract from "Echo")

Mr. George Harrison (60) of Pound Lane, Burley, worker in the New Forest for over 20 years, was very annoyed this morning at stories which suggested he had been deprived of his job as a "Beetle Catcher." "They are making a mug out of me," he said.

My very grateful thanks to everybody who sent me so many wonderful cards and presents on my birthday. I wish it were possible for me to write and thank you all personally. JOHN.

Tremendous Reception in Scotland

The boys have been completely overwhelmed by their audiences in Scotland. In fact the balcony audiences went so wild that a piece of stonework was dislodged.

The Fourmost Thank John and Paul

Another Lennon and McCartney penned number goes racing up the charts. This time it's Brian O'Hara, Mike Millward, Billy Hatton and Dave Lovelady known collectively as the Fourmost who have to thank the top songwriting twosome.

Sweden Wants the Beatles

The boys paid a visit to Sweden at the end of October, where they are in big demand following the terrific success of their discs.

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