Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Paul McCartney on "Fixing a Hole"

"This song is just about the hole in the road where the rain gets in; a good old analogy -- the hole in your make-up which lets the rain in and stops your mind from going where it will. It's you interfering with things. As when someone walks up to you and says, 'I am the Son of God,' and you say, 'No, you're not. I'll crucify you," and you crucify him. Well, that's life, but it is not fixing a hole.

"It's about fans too: 'See the people standing there/who disagree and never win/and wonder why they don't get in/Silly people, run around/they worry me/and never ask why they don't get in my door.' If they only knew that the best way to get in is not to do that, because obviously anyone who is going to be straight and like a real friend and a real person to us is going to get in. But they simply stand there and give off, 'We are fans, don't let us in.'

"Sometimes I invite them in, but it starts to be not really the point in a way, because I invited one in, and the next day she was in the Daily Mirror with her mother saying we were going to get married. So we tell the fans, 'Forget it.'

"If you're a junkie sitting in a room fixing a hole then that's what it will mean to you, but when I wrote it I meant if there's a crack or the room is uncolourful, then I'll paint it."

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It´s a beautiful song, one of my favorite.

Nice blog!