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The Beatles Anthology - Episode Two

Episode Two (March '63 to February '64) - 1:11:43

"George and I shared an apartment in Green Street, Park Lane... Wow! ₤45 a week. A fortune." - Ringo Starr

1. Racing Up the Ladder [11:02]
* Help! - Title song played at the beginning of each episode.
* I'll Be on My Way – Radio out-take.
* Lonesome Tears In My Eyes (Burnette-Burnette-Burlinson-Jerome) – Radio out-take.
* That's All Right (Mama) (Crudup) – Radio out-take.
* If You’re Irish, Come Into The Parlour (Glenville-Miler) – Performed by John Lennon.
* Look Who It Is (Schroeder-Hawker) – Performed by Helen Shapiro.
* Thank You Girl
* Sound collage of studio outtakes: I Saw Her Standing There – Misery – Anna (Go to Him) (Alexander) – Chains (Goffin-King) – Boys (Dixon-Farrell) – Ask Me Why – Please Please Me – Love Me Do – P.S. I Love You – Baby It's You (David-Williams-Bacharach) – Do You Want to Know a Secret – A Taste of Honey (Scott-Marlow) – There's a Place
* Twist and Shout (Medley-Russell)
2. Touring Britain – 1963 [11:30]
* Oh Pretty Woman (Orbison-Dees) – Performed by Roy Orbison.
* From Me to You
* There's a Place
* It Won't Be Long
* She Loves You
3. London – 1963 [4:01]
* I Wanna Be Your Man (Performed by The Rolling Stones) — "We virtually finished it in front of them because they needed a record." (John)
* I Wanna Be Your Man — "They did it first – we did it with Ringo after." (John)
4. Early Television Appearances [3:45]
* Excerpts from the Big Night Out TV Show.
* Footage of live performance on the Morecambe and Wise Show, recorded at ATV's Elstree TV studio's on Monday 2 December 1963, and broadcast on Saturday 18 April 1964 (8.25 pm).
o Moonlight Bay (Madden-Wenrich)
o I Like It (Murray) – Performed by Eric Morecambe.
5. Voice clips from Abbey Road Studios [4:56]
* Sound collage of studio outtakes: One After 909 – I Saw Her Standing There – This Boy – I Should Have Known Better – Tell Me Why – I Want to Hold Your Hand – I'll Be Back – Mr. Moonlight (Johnson) – No Reply – What You're Doing
6. Reflections on Sudden Fame [5:13]
* This Boy
7. Beatlemania [4:41]
* Footage of a live performance on the Drop In TV show, Sweden, 3 November 1963.
o I Saw Her Standing There
o Long Tall Sally (Johnson-Penniman-Blackwell)
8. Royal Variety Performance [9:43]
* Excerpts from the Royal Command Performance at the Prince of Wales Theatre on 4 November 1963, broadcast on TV and radio on Sunday 10 November 1963.
* Includes John's "jewelry" comment as an introduction to "Twist and Shout": "For our last number, I'd like to ask your help. Would the people in the cheaper seats clap your hands, and the rest of you, if you'd just rattle your jewelry."
o From Me to You
o Till There Was You (Wilson)
o Twist and Shout (Russell-Medley)
9. Second album: With the Beatles[9:39]
* All My Loving – Played in the background of John saying: "We wanted to give people their money's worth with our records. Our policy was to put 14 tracks a side – it was brand new and never put singles on the albums. Everybody else who had a hit single made an album around it."
* Please Mister Postman (Dobbins-Garrett-Gorman-Holland-Bateman)
* Roll Over Beethoven (Berry) – Footage of performance in Stockholm, Sweden, on 24 October 1963.
* I Want to Hold Your Hand
10. Olympia Theatre, Paris – 1964 [1:22]
* Footage of the Beatles arriving at Le Bourget Airport, Paris, on 14 January 1964.
11. "I Want to Hold Your Hand" Reaches No. 1 in The U.S. [5:50]
* I Want to Hold Your Hand – Played in the background of footage of the Beatles at London Heathrow Airport, leaving for the US on 7 February 1964.
* One After 909 – Played over the credits.


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