Saturday, December 26, 2009

George Harrison's Thoughts on Money

"The Beatles got all the material wealth that we needed, and that was enough to show us that this thing wasn't material. We are all in the physical world, yet what we are striving for isn't physical. We all get so hung up with material things like cars and televisions and houses, yet what they can give you is only there for a little bit and then it's gone."


webvan said...

When did he say that?

For all his "sprituality", Harrison was well known as being "bottom-line oriented" though, hence his Tour of Japan in 1991 and accepting to get back with Paul and Ringo for the Anthology.

Penny Lane said...

that's a lovely thought for us to remember on christmas =)
peace and love,

Penny Lane ♥

life of the beatles said...

This particular quotation comes from 1967.