Thursday, December 24, 2009

"Dizzy Miss Lizzie"

"Dizzy Miss Lizzie" is a song composed and sung by Larry Williams in 1958.

The song has been covered many times, including — most famously — by the Beatles on the 1965 Help! album, though the recording was initially intended for the 1965 American Beatles compilation Beatles VI along with the Larry Williams cover "Bad Boy," recorded by the Beatles on the same day. It features loud, rhythmic instrumentation, along with John Lennon's particularly rousing vocals. The song also appeared in a live solo version by Lennon on the Plastic Ono Band's Live Peace in Toronto 1969.

In the United Kingdom, the Beatles' version first appeared on the album Help!, misspelled "Dizzy Miss Lizzy." In North America, it was included on Beatles VI.

The title is playfully misleading, the actual lyric being, "You make me dizzy, Miss Lizzie."

Beatles credits

* John Lennon- vocals, rhythm guitar
* Paul McCartney- bass, electric piano
* George Harrison- lead guitar
* Ringo Starr- drums, cowbell

Single: by Larry Williams
B-side: "Slow Down"
Released: March 1958
Format: 7" single
Genre: Rock 'n' Roll
Label: Specialty 626 (USA), London HLU 8604 (UK)
Writer(s): Larry Williams

Song by The Beatles
Album: Help!
Released: 6 August 1965
Recorded: Abbey Road Studios, 10 May 1965
Genre: Rock 'n' Roll, Rock
Length: 2:54
Label: Parlophone, Capitol, EMI
Writer: Larry Williams
Producer: George Martin


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