Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Beatles - Posters, Incense And Strobe Candles

Label: Vigotone, VIGO 109

__ 1 DJ Intro
__ 2 Let It Be (incomplete)
__ 3 WBCN ID, Chess King Ad, DJ Gab
__ 4 Let It Be
__ 5 Don't Let Me Down
__ 6 For You Blue
__ 7 Get Back
__ 8 The Walk
__ 9 DJ Gab, Arlo Guthrie Concert Ad
_ 10 Hey Jude Tap by Harry Zonk
_ 11 Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End
_ 12 DJ Gab, Alice's Restaurant Ad
_ 13 Get Back Honk
_ 14 Get Back
_ 15 I've Got a Feeling (fragment)
_ 16 Teddy Boy
_ 17 Two of Us
_ 18 Dig A Pony
_ 19 DJ Gab
_ 20 Give Peace A Chance/Ballad of John & Yoko
_ 21 Poor Hungry Hillbilly White Boy
_ 22 Carry That Weight/The End
_ 23 The Child Ad
_ 24 Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Pam/She Came In Through the Bathroom Window
_ 25 I've Got a Feeling
_ 26 The Long and Winding Road
_ 27 Here Comes the Sun (incomplete)

Liner Notes
According to Beatle folklore, promotional copies of their unreleased 1969 Get Back LP were distributed to radio stations in the United States.

In fact, no promotional copies of the album were issued, although many radio stations aired tapes which were in circulation at the time. some stations (such as WBKW in Buffalo, and WEBN in Cincinnati) aired an undocumented mix of Get Back (Available only on an obscure bootleg entitled O.P.D.), which mirrors the "final" track listing of the LP, as documented in The Beatles: Recording Sessions.

A second source for the Get Back material was a reference acetate prepared by Beatles producer Glyn Johns on march 10, 1969. This was also aired by a number of American stations, including WBAI in New York, KCOK AM in St. Louis, and WBCN in Boston (which is our source here).

his tape is significantly different than the "final" mix, which is widely available on various illicit records. It's noticeably less processed than the other both in terms of editing and the use of reverb. It also includes an extra performance of "Get Back," and a cover of Jimmy McCracklin's "The Walk."

What's noticeable here, though, is that this is far and away the best sounding tape of this material you're ever likely to hear. WBCN obtained a reel-to-reel tape of the actual reference acetates. Their broadcast of this was preserved on another high-quality reel, and a digital copy of that tape was used to master this LP. We've also elected to leave in mot of the actual commercials and announcements from the WBCN DJ. This provides a charming framework, and sadly reminds us how much radio has changed.

This is an artifact of an era that won't come again. Enjoy it!

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