Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Beatles - The Get Back Journals: Discs 5-6

Label: Vigotone, VIGO 105/106

Disc 5
(total time: 73:10):

SWEET APPLE TRAX concludes and is followed by bit pieces of rehearsals, conversations, and Paul on the Piano. There are 22 cuts here and very few highlights. The most worthwhile tracks are Commonwealth, Mama You Been On My Mind and a visit from Peter Sellers.

2.Get Off White Power
3.Honey Hush
4.For You Blue
5.Let It Be
6.Medley:Ramblin' Woman/I threw it all away
7.Let It Be (rehearsal session)
8.Two of Us
9.High Heeled Sneakers
10.Get Back
11.Get Back (rehearsal session)
12.(instrumental Jam)
13.Lady Jane
14.Jazz Piano Song
15.(piano instrumental)
17.The Back Seat of my car
18.It's Just For You (rehearsal session)
19.Tea For Two
21.Whole Lot of Shaking going on
22.(A visit from Peter Sellers)

Disc 6
(total time: 70:18)

The WATCHING RAINBOWS session opens this record and is in the most complete form yet. This is followed by many loose rehearsals and jams. Some of the better material is Madman, Dig A Pony and Forty Days medley and jam.

2.Mean Mr. Mustard/Madman
3.Watching Rainbows
4.(instrumental jam)
5.Take this hammer
6.Johnny B. Goode
7.I Shall Be Released
8.(instrumental jam)
9.I've Got a Feeling (rehearsal session)
10.News Report/I've Got My Blue Finger
11.Every Night
12.Dig A Pony (rehearsal session fragments)
13.Watch your step
14.New Orleans
16.Dig a Pony
17.High Heeled Sneakers
18.Milk Cow Blues
19.Little Queenie
20.When Irish eyes Are Smiling
21.Queen of the Hop
22.All I want Is You
23.Medley: Forty Days/(instrumental jam)
24.Too Bad About Sorrows

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