Sunday, October 19, 2008

It Ain't Fair, John Sinclair

FROM: SA [...]
DATE: 12/23/71

Dates of Contact: 12/14/71

Informant advised that he attended the rally held in Ann Arbor on 12/10/71 to raise funds for the release of JOHN SINCLAIR from prison. Informant drove to Ann Arbor with [...] (name unknown). Upon arriving at Ann Arbor, they met three white males and two white females (names not recalled). The individuals whom they met seemed to know a lot of people and took informant behind the podium to meet BOBBY SEALE, as he was finishing his speech.

SEALE greeted them as "brothers in the movement". Informant advised that SEALE was wearing a very expensive diamond ring and a watch that he estimated as costing at least $1,000.00. When SEALE gave his public speech or met the public, he turned the diamond ring around so that the stones could not be seen. SEALE told the informant and others in the group with him that the BPP is opening three food clinics and that "If the pigs interfere with him in any way, he will open free gun clinics and distribute free guns." SEALE elaborated on this point and said "We have access to all the guns we want, and we'll kill any 'pig' that gives us trouble."

Informant noticed that SEALE had several body guards standing immediately behind him while SEALE was talking with informant and others in informant's group behind the podium. All of these body guards were carrying guns and their actions were disciplined such as that used in the military.

Informant was present for the last part of SEALE's public speech when he spoke of the Black Panter factory which produces food and clothing and the Black Panther farms. SEALE also made the following public statement: "You FBI m_____ f_____, we know you're here."

While behind the podium, informant also personally met JOHN LENNON (former member of the Beatles Band). LENNON spoke in definite anti-law enforcement tones and is a strong believer in the movement and the overthrow of the present society in American today.

Informant advised that STEVIE WONDER was present, that he entertained and made a plea for peace. Informant also saw Reverend DENNIS MOLONEY, Reverend JAMES BLAKESLIE (associate of MOLONEY), and JOHN SINCLAIR's wife (who appeared to be "stoned").

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