Friday, September 12, 2008

Paul McCartney

by Alan Clayson

"Clayson's knowledge of the period is probably unparalleled and always unerringly accurate"
-- Q

"A very thorough researcher"
-- Uncut

When the most successful pop group in the world, The Beatles, disbanded in 1970, its four members went off to spearhead radically different projects, and none was more successful than Paul McCartney. Free at last to take control of his own songwriting destiny, his new group, Wings, produced a steady stream of quality music, most notably the Band On The Run album and the million-selling single 'Mull Of Kintyre'.

Since those early days of freedom, Paul has established himself as one of the most creative artists of his generation and a British showbusiness treasure. With wide-ranging projects such as the soundtrack to the movie Give My Regards To Broad Street and the more recent and critically acclaimed Liverpool Oratorio, he has also proved that his talents have transcended the writing of what ex-bandmate John Lennon once called 'granny music'. Celebrating his four decades of unparalleled success in the business, Paul McCartney is a multi-faceted account of one of the world's most fascinating musicians.

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