Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Beatles Diary Volume 2: After The Break-Up 1970-2001

by Keith Badman

"Until now, The Beatles story has been simply incomplete"

From 1970 onwards the disbanded Beatles were at last free to follow their individual interests. From that point on there were four separate stories... but they were stories that would form a complex overlapping history of quarrels and reconciliations, personal projects and sporadic collaborations.

For the first time ever, a noted Beatles expert has meticulously documented the entire period of The Beatles after the break-up.

Keith Badman has produced a dazzling and astonishingly detailed day-by-day chronicle of what each of the ex-Beatles did from April 1970 onwards!

It's all here, day by day. All the...concerts...solo releases...known meetings between, TV and radio deals, legal battles and personal feuds...Beatles-related births, marriages and deaths.

A lifelong Beatles fan, Keith Badman is a regular contributor to The Beatles Book monthly magazine and Record Collector. He was a consultant on The Beatles Anthology documentary series, and he has presented video shows at Beatles fan conventions throughout Europe.

Starkly punctuated by the murder of John Lennon, the result is the as-it-happened story of four individuals emerging from the straitjacket of pop music's great ever success story.
And for the first time ever their solo careers are shown to be every bit as fascinating as their legendary decade together.

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