Friday, August 15, 2008

The Beatles - Hear The Beatles Tell All (US Mono LP - VeeJay)

Label: Dr. Ebbetts, VJ PRO 202

1. Impressions Of America
2. The Group's Name, Hairstyle And History
3. Reaction To Their American Success
4. Formation
5. Early Recordings, Early Success
6. Beatles On British Radio
7. Huge Success
8. The Crowds, The Reactions
9. Threat Of Injury From Fans
10. The Future? Writing Maybe
11. Educational Background And Liverpool
12. In Closing
13. Ringo-Throat Woes? Paul? Pete Best
14. Paul-Staying Where? Fan Mail, Jane Asher
15. John-The Film, His Book, A Baby? Leaving The Beatles?
16. George-His Parents, Patti Boyd
17. Paul-Addresses And Fishing
18. John-Favorite Part In Film, Ad-Libbing, New Film, Moving
19. Paul-Dad's Racehorse, Fave Bits In The Film
20. Ringo-Maureen, Sightseeing, Audiences
21. George-Disneyland? Film Favorites
22. Ringo-Goodbye L.A.

Liner Notes:
Jim Steck, a radio newsman with KRLA in Los Angeles, and Dave Hull, a popular disc jockey with the same station, each conducted interviews with the Beatles during their 1964 American tour. After portions of these interviews were aired on KRLA, Vee-Jay approached the pair and reached an agreement to release the interviews on an album. Here they are - Jim Steck interviews John Lennon (tracks 1-12), Dave Hull interviews the Beatles (tracks 13-22). In mono.

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