Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Beatles: All These Years Volume 1 - Tune In - New Book by Mark Lewisohn

The world's leading authority on the Beatles - and author of the bestselling Beatles Recording Sessions - has completed the riveting first volume in a groundbreaking trilogy about the iconic band that changed the face of pop music. Tune In uncovers the lives of John, Paul, George and Ringo as never before.

Forget what you've read or know about the Beatles, tune in, and start anew.

This is the lesser-known Beatles story - the pre-Fab years of Liverpool and Hamburg - and in many respects the most absorbing, extraordinary and incredible period of all. Here is the warts and all story of their family backgrounds, childhoods, and their infatuation with American music. As Tune In chronicles in amazing nuance, everything comes together in these years and in this one book: the Beatles' talent, charisma, looks, sex appeal, personalities, honesty, humor, attitude - and the Lennon-McCartney partnership.

Their enduring fame and legendary exploits have led to countless biographies of the Beatles, but now we have the ultimate portrait. Tune In is the first book in a genre-defining trilogy, telling the story of the Beatles from before their beginning up to the final night of 1962, with success within their grasp and on the cusp of a whole new kind of celebrity.


david_b said...

Sorry, never quite sure where to place general questions/comments, but was curious about the 2009 re-mastered CDs..:

Was the 'Magical Mystery Tour' CD with 'Walrus' and other songs finally done in 'real stereo', as opposed to the fake or duophonic stereo done previously..?

Thanks again for the super site..!!

John O'Leary said...

Will check this out. What's great about this period is many of the characters are still around — and willing to chat about the old days, including Pete Best who's an inspiration to so many of us. I recently met Chas Newby who was a fill-in for Stu Sutcliffe when the boys first returned from Hamburg. But he was more interested in returning to school than remaining in the band.