Thursday, February 09, 2012

John Lennon on the Beatles' Red and Blue Albums (1973)

"Allen Klein knocked out the basic list for the Red and Blue albums and then we'd just look down it and say, 'Yes, no,' and so on. I made sure they put that picture which I got Linda to take of the same pose as our very first album . . . No one can release old Beatles product without an okay from each of us. I like packages, you know. I approve of anything I would buy myself. I'd buy the Beatles' one . . . I asked for George Martin to reproduce the tracks. I was involved in that respect, just checking on the condition of them, because I didn't want lousy versions going out. I wanted them to be as it was. I asked Capitol/EMI, 'Please ask George Martin to take care of this . . . at least he knows what to do. I don't want some strange guy, you know, making dubbed versions of it and putting it out . . .' I want to talk to George Martin, why were we always putting drums on the right and why wasn't it in the middle? I was surprised. I always thought in terms of mono. Anyway, I wasn't that sold on stereo."

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