Friday, January 07, 2011

The Beatles Anthology - Director's Cut - Episode One

A rough cut was completed in 1993, which was much more interview-based and focused on the events as opposed to the final cut, which included more concert and television performances. This early version of the series has since leaked and been released via bootleg.

Episode One

In My Life Liverpool: The Childhood Years Musical Influences - Discovering Rock & Roll John, Paul & George - The Beginning of the Beatles Twenty Flight Rock - The Girl Can't Help It First Recordings 1958-1960 Stuart Sutcliffe Flaming Pie - Name Origins Early Tours Pete Best Hamburg Growing Pains - Stuart Leaves The Cavern Decca Sessions George Martin - Abbey Road Studios Ringo Arrives Love Me Do Please Please Me - We're No. 1


Mainly Echo said...

The videos are gone.

Anonymous said...

They should work now.