Thursday, December 09, 2010

Paul McCartney's Statement on the Death of John Lennon

"I have hidden myself in my work today [December 9, 1980]. But it keeps flashing into my mind. I feel shattered, angry, and very, very sad. It's just ridiculous. He was pretty rude about me sometimes, but I secretly admired him for it and I always managed to stay in touch with him. There was no question that we weren't friends -- I really loved the guy.

"I think that what has happened will in years to come make people realise that John was an international statesman. He often looked a loony to many people. He made enemies, but he was fantastic. He was a warm man who cared a lot and, with the record 'Give Peace a Chance,' he helped stop the Vietnam war -- he made a lot of sense."

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Danice said...

I remember the sad day well. I was 17 years old. I think the tragedy affected the whole world.