Friday, December 31, 2010

The Beatles Anthology - Special Features

Special Features - 1:22:46

1. Recollections – June 1994 [16:51] - Paul, George and Ringo spend a happy summer's day together; singing, playing and warmly remembering early days of room sharing, haircuts, Beatle boots, first cars and meeting Elvis.
* "Baby What You Want Me To Do" (Reed)
* Raunchy (Justis-Manker)
* "Thinking of Linking" (McCartney)
* Blue Moon of Kentucky (Monroe)
* Ain't She Sweet (Yellen-Ager)
2. Compiling The Anthology Albums [10:48] - Paul, George, Ringo and George Martin detail the process of how they choose the tracks for Anthology Albums 1, 2 and 3.
* A Day in the Life (Take 1)
3. Back At Abbey Road – May 1995 [14:51] - Returning to Studio 2, Paul, George, Ringo and George Martin reflect on recording at Abbey Road Studios in the Sixties and some of the inventive techniques used in creating these recordings.
* Golden Slumbers (Take 1)
* I'm Only Sleeping
* Tomorrow Never Knows (Take 1 & Final Take)
4. Recording “Free as a Bird” And “Real Love” [10:57] - Paul, George, Ringo and Jeff Lynne reveal how they were able to produce the two new Beatles tracks from John's original demos provided by Yoko. This section includes intimate footage filmed in the studio during the recording of the tracks.
* Free as a Bird (Lennon/Lennon-McCartney-Harrison-Starkey)
* Real Love (Lennon)
5. Production Team [13:03] - Neil Aspinall, Derek Taylor, Geoff Wonfor, Chips Chipperfield and other key members of the Anthology production Team explain the process of how The Beatles Anthology series was created.
6. Making The “Free as a Bird” Video [11:12] - An intriguing insight into how the Grammy award winning video for Free as a Bird was made. Director Joe Pytka explains how he and Apple developed the concept and discusses the innovative techniques that were used in the production.
* Free as a Bird (Lennon/Lennon-McCartney-Harrison-Starkey)
7. “Real Love” Video [4:07] - The video that was not featured in the Anthology series, now remixed in 5.1 Surround Sound.
* Real Love (Lennon)
8. Credits (0:57)


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