Monday, September 06, 2010

A Letter from Early Beatles Fans, 1963

Dear Johnny,

We are some of the very first Beatles fans, and we thought you might like to hear something about their early days at The Cavern.

When they first appeared there, we could go down about half-an-hour before the session began and get a seat at the front, and The Beatles mainly used to play numbers for which they'd had requests from the audience. You could always go and talk to them in the band-room by the stage, and at the snack-bar at the back. They were always fooling around on stage, and playing such pieces as "Bill and Ben" and "Torchy," and how we were thrilled when we heard that "Love Me Do" had got to Number 27 in the Charts!

Then they became more famous, and we used to queue all day for front row seats at an evening session, and often from the night before. Everyone going past The Cavern could see us all huddled in jeans, rugs and blankets in the doorway!

Yes, we have many early memories of Our Boys, but they've probably forgotten all about us now. We can't really complain, because we know them better than anyone else, but honestly, we don't half miss them!

from the original Beatlettes.
LIVERPOOL--of course!

The Beatles write:
Course we haven't forgotten the early days and everyone who helped to start us going. We wish sometimes that we could go back to The Cavern and play around just like we used to do just for a few days.

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