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Eat the Rich

Eat the Rich is Peter Richardson's 1987 British comedy, from the team behind the popular television series, The Comic Strip Presents....

The film stars Al Pillay and features a number of cameos including appearances from the likes of Miranda Richardson and Nigel Planer as vile DHSS clerks, Robbie Coltrane, Rik Mayall as a union boss, Paul McCartney, Shane MacGowan, Jennifer Saunders, Jimmy Fagg, Kathy Burke, Koo Stark, Dawn French, Bill Wyman, Jools Holland, Hugh Cornwell, Adrian Edmondson and Lemmy.


The film begins in a high class London restaurant named 'Bastards,' where the main protagonist Alex (Alan Pellay) works. Alex, a disgruntled waiter is subject to daily contempt and disgust of the upper class customers and gets fired for being obnoxious and rude to the clientèle. After witnessing an act of terrorism on an embassy, he robs a benefits office and with his new friend goes on the run.

Meanwhile Nosher Powell plays the Home Secretary, a menacing, beer-swilling, fornicating, lovable lout who has his own no-nonsense way of dealing with trouble, usually with his fists. He's the darling of the voters, the press and the gorgeous Fiona (Fiona Richmond), a glamorous KGB agent. He was also the one who ended the terrorist situation that Alex bore witness to earlier in the movie. However Nosher has enemies; including the sinister Commander Fortune (Ronald Allen) who plots a people's revolution with a difference and General Karprov (Dave Beard) and Spider (Lemmy) plot to derail Home Secretary's campaign of becoming Prime Minister.

After assembling a four person team of would be anarchists Alex returns to 'Bastards and lay waste to the staff an employees and begin serving them to other rich people in their new restaurant 'Eat the Rich.' When Commander Fortune and Spider find out about these changes to the menu, they formulate a plot to get rid of the conservative Home Sectary for good.


* Les Bubb - Waiter
* Kathy Burke - Kathy
* Robbie Coltrane - Jeremy
* Sean Chapman - Mark
* Rik Mayall - Micky
* Al Pillay aka Alan Pellay - Alex
* Adrian Edmondson - Charles
* Dawn French - Debbie Draws
* Paul McCartney - Banquet guest
* Lemmy - Spider
* Jools Holland - Sun reporter
* Miranda Richardson - DHSS Blonde
* Ron Tarr - Ron


The soundtrack album was released on the Filmtrax label and featured six tracks by Motörhead, including the track Eat The Rich written especially for the film. The track also appeared on the Motörhead album Rock 'n' Roll and was released in the UK as a single in its own right. It also featured a solo track, "Bess", by Würzel (Motörhead's second guitarist at the time).

The album also featured several pieces of incidental music from the film as well as synth-pop track Pistol In my Pocket by Alan Pillay (credited as Lannah).

Track Listing

1. Motörhead – Eat the Rich
2. Simon Brint – Terrorists
3. Motörhead – Built for Speed
4. Danny Eccleston – Nosher in the Bar
5. Motörhead – Nothing Up My Sleeve
6. Simon Brint – Arriba Salsa
7. Motörhead – Doctor Rock
8. Motörhead – On the Road
9. Lannah – Pistol in My Pocket
10. Simon Brint – Car Approach
11. Motörhead – Orgasmatron
12. Würzel – Bess
13. Danny Eccleston – End Titles Theme


* Also the name of an underground culture festival in Trondheim, Norway, focusing primarily on punk and reggae music.
* Also the name of a 1997 book on economics by P.J. O'Rourke.
* Nosher Powell was well known as a stuntman & stunt coordinator in British cinema & television. He plays an exaggerated version of himself in the film.

Release Notes

The VHS release of the film had a reversible cover.


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