Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yoko Ono on John Lennon's Interest in Scotland and Salmon Fishing

"He used to tell me about his salmon fishing. One of his aunties lived in Scotland and married a Scottish man, so whenever John visited them, he went salmon fishing. Not often. I think that this man really liked salmon fishing and he did that by himself usually, but sometimes John was allowed to join him. And salmon was a big thing. John used to say, 'Oh, salmon . . . Scottish salmon. There's nothing like it.' And when I visited this auntie with him, I did get to eat the salmon, and it was very fresh. We used to get smoked salmon to eat here in New York, but most of them were so salty we didn't like it. The ones that we got in Scotland were really good. I don't know why they don't export them. Salmon was one of the things that we really enjoyed eating."

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Chynna said...

So wonderful. As a 'Scot', that's awesome. (Too bad I'm allergic to fish...=( )