Thursday, August 12, 2010

John Lennon on his first acid trip

"A dentist in London laid it on George, me and the wives, without telling us, at a dinner party at his house. He was a friend of George's and our dentist at the time . . .

"He said, 'I advise you not to leave.' We all thought he was trying to keep us for an orgy in the house, and we didn't want to know.

"It was insane going around London on it. When we got to the club, we thought it was on fire and then we thought it was a premiere, but it was just an ordinary light outside. We thought, 'Shit! What's going on here?' We were cracking in the streets.

"We all thought there was a fire in the lift, but there was just a little red light. We were all screaming and we were all hot and hysterical. We all arrived on the floor, because this was a discotheque that was up a building and the lift stops, and the door opens. We just see that it's a club and we walk in, sit down and the tables start elongating. Some singer comes up to me and says, 'Can I sit next to you?' and I said, 'Only if you don't talk,' because I couldn't think.

"George somehow or other managed to drive us home in his Mini. We were going about ten miles an hour, but it seemed like a thousand. Pattie was saying, 'Let's jump out and play football.' I was getting all these sort of hysterical jokes coming out, like speed, because I was always on that too. George kept saying, 'Don't make me laugh, oh God!'

"God, it was terrifying, but it was fantastic. George's house seemed to be just like a big submarine. I was driving it, they all went to bed, I was carrying on in it, it seemed to float above his wall, which was eighteen foot, and I was driving it. I did some drawings at the time, of four faces saying, 'We all agree with you.' I was pretty stunned for a month or two."

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