Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beatles Songs on Carribbean Steeldrums

Your favorite Beatles songs in a new guise, especially arranged for steeldrums, presented by the multi-award winning Ebony Steelband.

Ebony has now won 18 Panoramas and a record breaking 9 consecutively. The band played Jason Isaac & Ingrid De Peiza's ‘Pan Redemption.’

About Ebony

Ebony, which was founded in 1969, lays claim to being “Europe’s finest” and have built a reputation for musical excellence both nationally and internationally. In October 2000 and 2002, they were crowned the European Champions of the European Steelband Music Festival in France. The Ebony Steelband has performed at prestigious venues for over a decade. Most recently the band has performed on the Fifa World cup stages in Germany, Buckingham Place at least once per year and in Delhi at the launching of the International Cricket World Cup. Touring more than 4 times a year and doing on average 4 performances per week, the band also does regular performances for corporate events, weddings, funerals birthday party’s etc.

Ebony is an organisation that delivers a variety of steelband workshops and community projects for disadvantaged young people – particularly those from the Afro-Caribbean community. The organisation is based in Kensington and Chelsea where there is the opportunity to work with young people to direct them away from crime and anti-social behaviour and towards living successful and purposeful lives.

Ebony Steelband Trust & other charities

Ebony Steelband Trust members conventionally do a collection during the lead up to Christmas for various charities. In September 2006 the Ebony Millennium Volunteers (MV’s) did a collection for the NSPCC and raised £700. As a result the NSPCC are now working in conjunction with the MV’s to help promote the well being and safety of children. NSPCC is now one of Ebony’s adopted charities and have since raised a further £2,000 for the NSPCC. For Christmas 2006 the Ebony Steelband & Ebony MV’s did a collection for Breast Cancer Research UK and the NSPCC.

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Mainly Echo said...

Hi, congratulations, you do a great job!

I am already following your blog and I would like to invite you to visit mine, which is dedicated mostly to classic rock (of course The Beatles are there, too).

The link is:

It is in Spanish, but nowadays browsers can translate mostly everything.

Regards from Mexico!