Sunday, July 11, 2010

Paul McCartney & Wings: Let 'Em Out Vol. 3 - The Trevor Jones Tapes

Outtakes and Upgrades

01 Reception (long version)
02 Getting Closer (instrumental backing track)
03 Cage (instrumental backing track)
04 Rockestra Theme + So Glad To See You Here (instrumentals)
05 Fabulous + Teddy Bear
06 Mama's Little Girl
07 Mama's Little Girl (fragment)
08 Take It Away (Paul teaching the song to Wings)
09 No Values
10 Denny's Song (rerecorded in Montserrat Feb 1981)
11 Did We Meet Somewhere Before
12 A Love For You
13 Waterspout
14 CHOBA B CCCP Medley (part 1)
15 CHOBA B CCCP Medley (part 2)


rokpool said...

We are loving this blog! But then we always would, having a bit of a classic rock thing going ourselves :)


Kerry said...

Amazing music, amazing blog. Keep up the good work.