Thursday, July 01, 2010

Paul McCartney & Wings: Let 'Em Out Vol. 1 - The Trevor Jones Tapes

01 Silly Love Songs (no strings or horns)
02 Beware My Love (complete instrumental acetate)
03 Beware My Love (incomplete)
04 Must Do Something About It (Paul vocal)
05 She's My Baby (take 1)
06 She's My Baby (version 2)
07 The Note You Never Wrote (no strings)
08 Time To Hide
09 Wino Junko
10 Let 'Em In (mono promo edit)
11 Let 'Em In (stereo promo edit)
12 Newt Rack (instrumental, monitor mix)
13 Take It Away (monitor mix)
14 What's That You're Doing (rough take, monitor mix)
15 Hi Hi Hi (mono acetate alt mix)
16 Another Day (mono acetate mix)
17 Junior's Farm (alt mix by Ernie Winfrey)
18 Sally G (alt mix by Ernie Winfrey)
19 Daytime Nighttime Suffering (early mix)

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