Wednesday, July 07, 2010

George Harrison on the Beatles' Hamburg Days

"In Hamburg we got very good as a band because we had to play eight hours a night and we started building a big repertoire of some of our own songs, but mainly we did all the old rock songs. In fact, we did everything. We used to play 'Moonglow' and lots of other old songs, whatever we could come up with in order to try not to repeat too many. Of course, we had our favourites, which we'd play a couple of times in the night in the main sets when most of the crowd were there. But we got very tight as a band. And it was the period in England when it was all 'matching ties and handkerchiefs' and doing routines like the Shadows, and we weren't there for that. So we just kept playing the rock-and-roll things and the stuff from records we used to get from Brian Epstein's shop before we met him."

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