Sunday, March 28, 2010

John Lennon on His Eighteen-Month "Lost Weekend"

"I was like a chicken without a head. I'd be waking up in strange places, or reading about myself in the paper, doing extraordinary things, half of which I'd done and half of which I hadn't done. And find myself in a sort of mad dream for a year. You can put it down to which night with which bottle, or which night in which town."
-June 1975

"It was a pretty hectic period, pretty wild and it sounds funny in retrospect but it was pretty miserable, yeah, a pretty bad period -- and I'm thankful that I'm out of it and I don't drink now because it scares me, you know even a glass of wine knocks me out now, so I'm happy about that, forget about the booze."
-December 6, 1980

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