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"Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby"

"Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby" is a song composed by Carl Perkins adapted from a similar song by Rex Griffin (Decca, 1936) Perkins recorded the song in 1957 which was covered by The Beatles in 1964.

Carl Perkins changed the music and added his own lyrics but retained the refrain and adapted two verses from the Rex Griffin song. Perkins changed the theme of the song, however, from bravado and narcissism to rock and roll groupies and the frenzy and mania of rock and roll stardom. In the Smith version, the theme is about drinking moonshine whiskey and womanizing. In Perkins' alternate take, there is an additional verse not found in Griffin's song. Perkins added two new verses, changed the theme of the song, and wrote entirely new music.

It was later covered by Johnny Cash and performed by Bruce Springsteen in concert in 1998 as a tribute to Carl Perkins.

The Beatles' version

The Beatles recorded "Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby" on 18 October 1964 at EMI Studios in Abbey Road, London, with George Harrison on vocals. It was first released as the final song on Beatles for Sale in the UK later that year, and as the last track on the US album Beatles '65.

The recording finishes with a false ending, with the final phrase repeating itself after the song seems to have stopped. A version recorded live at the Star-Club in Hamburg in December 1962 contained four of these musical phrases.

The Beatles also recorded "Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby" in June 1963 for the BBC radio programme Pop Go The Beatles, and in November 1964 for Saturday Club. The latter recording can be heard on Live at the BBC.

The Beatles performed it live again after their studio recording was released. A version recorded at Shea Stadium on 15 August 1965 was included on Anthology 2.


* George Harrison – vocals, lead guitar
* John Lennon – acoustic rhythm guitar, tambourine
* Paul McCartney – bass
* Ringo Starr – drums

Current ownership and administration of song

The song is currently owned by the Perkins family and administered by former Beatle Paul McCartney's company, MPL Communications which still credits the song to Perkins.

Album: Beatles for Sale
Released: December 4, 1964
Recorded: October 18, 1964
Genre: Rock and roll
Length: 2:23
Label: Parlophone
Writer: Carl Perkins
Producer: George Martin


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