Sunday, January 10, 2010

Paul McCartney on "Strawberry Fields Forever"

"There's a lot of random in our songs -- 'Strawberry Fields' is the name of a Salvation Army School -- by the time we've taken it through the writing stage, thinking of it, playing it to the others, writing it, and letting them think of bits, recording it once and deciding it's not quite right and do it again and then find, 'Oh, that's it, the solo comes here and that goes there,' then bang, you have the jigsaw puzzle.

"That happens with all our songs, except the ones we want to keep really simple, like 'When I'm Sixty-Four' and 'Fixing a Hole.'

"That wasn't 'I buried Paul' at all, that was John saying 'cranberry sauce.' It was the end of 'Strawberry Fields.' That's John humour. John would say something totally out of sync, like 'cranberry sauce.' If you don't realise that John's apt to say 'cranberry sauce' when he feels like it, then you start to hear a funny little word there, and you think, 'Aha!'"

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