Thursday, December 10, 2009

George Harrison's Thoughts on LSD

"Although we've been identified a lot with hippies, especially since all this thing about pot and LSD's come out, we don't want to tell anyone else to have it because it's something that's up to the person himself. Although it was like a key that opened the door and showed a lot of things on the other side, it's still up to people themselves what they do with it.

"LSD isn't a real answer. It doesn't give you anything. It enables you to see a lot of possibilities that you may never have noticed before, but it isn't the answer. You don't just take LSD and that's it forever, you're okay.

"A hippie is supposed to be someone who becomes aware--you're hip if you know what's going on. But if you're really hip you don't get involved with LSD and things like that. You see the potential that it has and the good that can come from it, but you also see that you don't really need it.

"I needed it the first time I ever had it. Actually, I didn't know that I'd had it, I'd never heard of it then. This is something that just hasn't been told. Everybody now knows that we've had it but the circumstances were that somebody just shoved it into our coffee before we'd ever heard of the stuff. So we happened to have it quite unaware of the fact.

"I don't mind telling people I've had it. I'm not embarrassed. It makes no difference because I know that I didn't actually go out and try to get some.

". . . It can help you to go from A to B, but when you get to B, you see C. And you see that to get really high, you have to go it straight. There are special ways of getting high without drugs--with yoga, meditation, and all those things. So this was the disappointing thing about LSD.

"In the physical world we live in, there's always duality--good and bad, black and white, yes and no. Whatever there is, there's always the opposite. There's always something equal and opposite to everything, and this is why you can't say LSD is good or it's bad because it's good and it's bad. It's both of them and it's neither of them all together. People don't consider that."

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