Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beatle People: Elliot Mintz

Elliot Mintz (born February 16, 1945) is an internationally recognized media consultant and public relations expert. Popularly known as Paris Hilton's publicist and more recently as Chris Brown's.

During his 25 year career he has represented famous people in all aspects of the entertainment world. His clients have included (or currently include) the John Lennon Estate, Bob Dylan, Paris Hilton, Chris Brown, Yoko Ono, Christie Brinkley, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Diana Ross, Don Johnson, Melanie Griffith and dozens of others.

Early life

In 1971 he hosted a Kaiser Broadcast syndicated television show that integrated musical guests with film clips shot in and around Southern California. In 1973 Mr. Mintz was the Entertainment Correspondent for 'Eyewitness News' on KABC television in Los Angeles.

Beginning in 1988 he hosted a weekly syndicated radio series called 'The Lost Lennon Tapes' heard globally each week for almost four years. The hundreds of hours of broadcasts contained previously unreleased tracks, rehearsals, composing tapes, interviews and home recordings of John Lennon who Mr. Mintz met in 1971. He still refers to Yoko Ono as his best friend. He has appeared in two feature documentaries about John and Yoko and written an essay about his relationship with them published in 2005 by Harper Collins in a book entitled Memories of John Lennon.


In addition to entertainers, he consults with CEO's of international companies about media related activities. His corporate clients have included Westwood One Radio, Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino, Bijan Fragrance and Penthouse Magazine. He also consults with record companies as well as motion picture studios. He provides free media advice for charities and causes he supports as well.

Mr. Mintz is referenced in more than 50 books, hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles and appears frequently on national television speaking on behalf of his well known clients. Although he handles all aspects of entertainment and business publicity services including branding, media makeovers, on camera interview preparation, website creation, and national promotions, he is best known for being a spokesman for high profile public figures. He has been referred to in the press as a 'spin doctor' or 'crisis manager'.

Mr. Mintz also makes television appearances to discuss such matters as the 'power and pitfalls of celebrity', the paparazzi, the new media and what he refers to as 'the myths of fame and publicity'. Prior to his career as a media consultant, Elliot Mintz spent ten years as a radio and television talk show host. He interviewed hundreds of guests on radio stations KMLA, KPFK, KLAC, KMET, KPPC, KLOS and KABC in Los Angeles as well as syndicated radio programs for 'Inner-View' and 'Earth News Radio.'

Personal life

In a profile on Mr. Mintz published in The New York Times in August 2006, he expressed a desire to retire, move to a ranch and be around horses.

He currently resides is Beverly Hills, CA.



ISL said...

Notice that at about 3:29 John says "Hello Julia." Eerie.

life of the beatles said...

While it certainly sounds like that, I think it's a shout out to Julian, similar to the one found on the "Happy Xmas" single.