Thursday, August 06, 2009

November 12, 1971 - Luck of the Irish

Taped: Friday 12 November 1971

At their Greenwich Village apartment, John records several demos of the song 'Luck Of The Irish'. The proceedings are privately captured on a black & white 'open-reel' Sony video recording machine. Several versions of the song find their way onto this 17-minute recording which is suitably titled Luck Of The Irish - A Videotape By John Reilly. The item shows John discussing how to spell the lyrics to the song, venting his anger at the way electrical currents and film running speeds vary between England and America and announcing that John and Yoko had friends coming to dinner tonight at 6 o'clock. The footage, in which John refers to himself as Sean O'Leaham and Yoko as Mrs. O'No No, ends with the couple listening to the finished version of the song.

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