Wednesday, July 15, 2009

June 6, 1972 - Mary Had a Little Lamb

Taped: Tuesday 6 June 1972

Wings shoot a new videotape clip for 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' at the BBC Television Theatre in Shepherds Bush, London. This clip, which features the band miming the song at what is supposed to be the bottom of a hill with Paul playing the piano, all intercut with animated sequences to illustrate the lyrics, is inserted into programme eight of the latest series of the long-running children's programme The Basil Brush Show, transmitted on BBC1 on Saturday June 24 between 5:00 and 5:29pm. Hosted by Derek Fowlds, the comedy show also features contributions by The Roger Stevenson Marionettes and The Bert Hayes Sextet. During the taping session, Paul is informed by a member of the Joe Lights lighting company that the lyrics to the 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' song were the first words ever recorded by Thomas Edison when he invented the phonograph back in 1877.

To aid with the promotions for 'Mary Had A Little Lamb'; Wings appear in two further video clips. The first features the group miming the song in a barnyard setting. Paul is seen playing the song on the piano while a hen perches on top of it. Linda is seen cuddling a lamb and then singing the song while playing bongos. The second performance, affectionately called the "psychedelic version", features Wings performing the song in matching orange T-shirts and dungarees, with strikingly bright blue, yellow, black and red colours appearing in the background. Incidentally, Nicholas Ferguson, who first met Paul on the set of Ready Steady Go! in the sixties, directs all three of the above versions. He also directed The Beatles Intertel studio promotional films on November 23, 1965.

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