Sunday, March 08, 2009

August 22, 1962 - Cavern Club, Liverpool

Filmed: Wednesday 22 August 1962
Aired: Wednesday 6 November 1963

At lunchtime Granada Television filmed the group playing 'Some Other Guy' and 'Kansas City'/'Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey' for their Know The North programme. It was scheduled to be shown on November 7 but the film never actually went out. The film clips survived but the sound quality was found to be too poor for them to be used, so further sound-only recordings were made on September 5th.

Some Other Guy - take 1

Some Other Guy - take 2

Kansas City

Silent footage


Anonymous said...

Great silent movie
In about 2,27 it surely looks like Brian Epstein moving through the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Ringo would have been with the Beatles for not more than 5 days. Pete Best was fired on August 15th, 1962 and Ringo's first appearance with them was on August 17, at the Tower Ballroom.